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About Us and How It Works

ABOUT US: myMDspace is a concierge service for physicians providing in-house architecture, construction, interior design, realty and medical membership practice conversion — with one phone call. Our staff has decades of realty-design-build-interiors experience in the residential and commercial fields and is now offering these turnkey services to the medical community.

HOW WE WORK: We ask our clients to write a scope of work and sketch any ideas for our initial visit to generate an existing and proposed floor plan. After a few revisions we send our interior designer for a final revision and to select finishes to generate the standard features, pricing and contract with a 5% payment due upon building permit approval. .

— Our goal is to be able to assist physicians with all their medical space needs allowing the physician to do what they do best — practice medicine!


Our medical planners, designers, healthcare professionals and strategic consultants help healthcare institutions navigate complex requirements to provide flexible and sustainable care environments. Our team designs patient-focused spaces that are both affordable and inspirational with the goals of improving patient outcomes, enhancing the experiences of visitors and staff, and creating healthier communities.

Construction - Interior Design

Since 1976, the principals of myMDspace has been providing quality construction management, general contracting and design-build services to the New Jersey and South Florida Markets. Our experience, attention to detail, passion for work and executive involvement are the groundwork we bring on every project. Our interior designers specialize in total healthcare design from initial space planning and finish selection to furniture and art installation. Taking inspiration from nature, our designs are flexible from classic yet modern style.


PNC’s healthcare experts understand patient billing, finance and technology – after all, we have worked with more than 1,900 healthcare organizations across the country, including payers (2,000 plus connections), providers, pharmacies, Medicare fiscal intermediaries and government agencies. We also provide implementation specialists and an online portal to help automate the revenue cycle and facilitate payer/provider relationships.


Looking for a new location? Give our agents the criteria for your new space and let us do the groundwork with our design-build-interiors team to eliminate future build-out issues. Our professionals maintain individual certifications and memberships in distinguished industry organizations throughout their market areas. They bring experience and deep local-market knowledge to find the perfect solution for your business.

Medical Memberships

Our affiliate, myMDhome is a management company for physicians who are building a first of its kind network of medical memberships of all disciplines for patients who are seeking comprehensive healthcare with the latest technology without the difficulties of dealing with insurance companies. myMDhome’s mission is twofold. First, they offer patients a variety of medical memberships to fit their needs with personalized care that include genetic/ancestry testing to identify health risks in order to develop a preventive health care plan they can track and monitor on our mobile app. Second, they want to help free physicians from the fee for service practice model that requires them to see a high volume of patients to make ends meet. We offer a medical membership model that allow physicians to do what they do best — practice medicine without the third-party paperwork of insurance billing. Visit our medical membership page for more information.

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